Erno Laszlo Oil Control Day Lotion SPF 15


Brand Erno Laszlo

- Oil Control Protective Moisturizer 3 oz


Recommended for: Slightly Oily, Oily, Extremely Oily

An antioxidant-rich, oil-free preparation to support your skin's natural hydration. Protect and prevent fine lines, boosts the skin's own moisture barrier and protect against sun damage with SPF 15 protection.

• Defends: Antioxidants protect skin to maintain a healthy vitality.
• Hydrates: Oil-free and light-weight formula quickly absorbs into skin.
• Shields: Prevents sun damage with broad spectrum protection.

How to Use:
Moisturize after toning and prescribed treatments, such as serums and eye preparations. Gently apply with fingertips, blending upwards and outwards from the middle of the face, then along the neck and dcollet.