Erno Laszlo Transphuse Eye Refiner


Brand Erno Laszlo

- Anti Aging Eye Cream  0.5 oz


Recommended for: All Skin Types 

Relax the muscles and lines around the eyes with our nourishing, plant-based formula. This age-fighting eye cream minimizes micro-contractions in the skin to smooth and tighten the delicate eye area.

• Rebuilds: Innovative polypeptide technology helps restore at the cellular level to promote collagen production.
• Protects: Encourages cell's own defense mechanism against signs of aging.
• Lifts: Algae & Pullulan extracts provide immediate tightening benefits.

How to Use:
Use after toning. If multiple treatments are prescribed, apply lighter, thinner preparations over richer, thicker ones. Dab the cream onto the skin beneath the eyes. Smooth over the eye area, moving from outer to inner corners, avoiding the lash lines.