Erno Laszlo White Marble Sheet Mask


Brand Erno Laszlo

Indulge in instant hydration and intense rejuvenation. Our radiance-boosting treatment mask works within 10 minutes to deliver concentrated actives to the skin, blocking free radicals and other oxidizing agents. Discover a beautifully brightened, smooth complexion.

Yuzu Fruit Extract clarifies, balances and brightens skin tone
Controls melanin production and reduces dark spots
Blocks oxidation to prevent future discoloration
Restores balance and luminosity to skin

Size: 6x0.77 oz

Use: After your brightening ritual, unfold mask and apply to the face, using cutouts to leave the eye and mouth areas exposed. After 10 minutes, skin is fully hydrated and the complexion regains its radiance. Remove the mask and massage any remaining serum into the skin. Always follow daytime use with sun protection.