Paul & Joe Silky Smooth Foundation


Brand Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe Silky Smooth Foundation UV is a transformative liquid foundation which delivers a complete coverage to create a poreless finish.

Experience a new foundation sensation with this light and airy foundation; Silky Smooth Foundation UV has a soft liquid base which allows for superior coverage and delivers a pleasant powdery quality to create a soft matte texture.

Baby Mint, Honeysuckle and White Lily Extracts work synergistically with Sodium Hyaluronate and Orange Flower Water to moisturise the skin whilst Gardenia Jasminodes Extract controls melanin production for a naturally smoother skin tone. Boasting SPF25 protection against sun damage, Silky Smooth Foundation UV offers powerful UV protection and utilises Crystalline Cellulose to adsorb excess oil and sebum.

Silky Smooth Foundation UV adheres seamlessly to the skin to cover blemishes and smooth the surface texture, leaving the complexion looking perfectly flawless.

Shades Available:

  • 100 Alabaster – Porcelain skin.
  • 101 Cameo – Light skin.
  • 102 Fresh – Light to medium skin.
  • 103 Nude – Medium skin with cool undertones.
  • 201 Clear – Medium skin with warm undertones.
  • 301 Toffee – Medium to tanned skin.
  • 302 Biscuit – Deep skin.