Valmont Intensive Chrono Cellular Treatment


Brand Valmont

This intensive program is designed as a duo treatment to fulfill the needs of the skin in two phases: 1. to lift and 2. to densify. Comes with 4 x 5 ml bottles ICCT Complex Lift; 4 x 10 ml bottle ICCT Complex Density
ICCT provides a thorough program to stimulate the cutaneous functions with a reinforced action on all the factors involved in the appearance of visible signs of aging, wrinkles and loss of skin firmness. This original skin treatment duo answers the needs of today's woman.

In the morning, the smoothing ICCT Complex Lift serum helps correct the visible signs of aging. Its exclusive combination of Triple DNA RNA and primitive collagen provides an immediate tightening effect and optimal hydration.

At night, ICCT Complex Density constitutes the ultimate anti-wrinkle and visble firmness solution. The exclusive combination of Triple DNA and peptides activates the essential functions of the skin. Its unique texture, derived from nanoemulsion technology, ensures optimal penetration.

From the very first application, the skin is ideally hydrated and smoothed. After four weeks, the results are visible and long-lasting: the skin is firmer, and wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out. The skin appears regenerated, younger and more radiant.